CodeCafe Freelance IT Group

What we do

Build api services, design scalable & highly-available systems, provide custom integrations, automate operations, interface design, and more.

We realize there is no silver bullet, so we adhere to the following:

Match Skills to Requirements

Projects are taken by the person whose skills precisely match the project requirements. On projects requiring more than one person, we leverage our skills as a cohesive team for a complete solution.

Access to the Experts You Need

We provide a range of high-caliber technical services. And we lower IT costs through the use Open Source Software and Open Standards. We provide on-site directed engineering, custom engineering services, web site development and design, programming in numerous languages and graphic design work.

Who is CodeCafe?

We are a group of Freelancers who collaborate together (across the North America, New Zealand, and other parts of the world).